NeuroTypical Wisdom Workshops

NeuroTypicals should learn from autistics, but the reverse is also true. This workshop will explore the following topics, with my unique translation provided for autistics to understand the NeuroTypical mindset:

  • Convey your Intention (Interpersonal Relationships)
  • Open your Doors (Negotiation & Advocacy)
  • Draw your Sword (Verbal Communication)
  • Stand your Ground (Public Speaking)
  • Know your Goals (Routine Planning)
  • Grow your Wisdom (Making Choices)
  • Tame your Feelings (Emotional Health)
  • Question your Thoughts (Mental Health)
  • Trust your World (Inner Health)
  • Trade your Power (Career Development)
  • Share your Self (Close Relationships)
  • Touch your Dreams (Life Meaning)

During the workshops, I will introduce some basic concepts, and the participants will use their own life situation to serve as the case studies.

There will be up to three autistic protagonists – the rest of the audience will be observers. The protagonists will participate in the workshops together with at least one trusted NeuroTypical who knows them very well. Protagonists are to share about the challenges that they encountered in relation to the topic. I will work with them and their partner to find ways to ease those challenges.