Autism Exploration Circles

Autism Exploration Circles (AECs) are a series of 2.5 hour study sessions where participants:

  • Learn to work more effectively with autistics and Neurotypicals
  • Gain a deeper understanding into the experience of autism, such as regarding my recent insights into the “human heart”
  • Receive affirmation and support if they choose to share their personal autism journey

Participants are free to ask questions or share their own personal experiences. I will then respond with my own experiences, insights and techniques. When required, I will also provide impromptu demonstrations, trainings and life coaching sessions on the spot.


Everyone connected with autism, including autistics, are welcome. Participants can attend both the morning and afternoon event if they like. Participants are expected to keep to a moral code of conduct: being supportive and respectful to each other as well as keeping personal information confidential.

Date: 30 June 2018 (Saturday) @ 10am to 12.30pm, 1.30pm to 4pm
Venue: Function Room @ Modena, 35 Simei Street 4, Singapore 529869 (2 minutes walk from Simei MRT)
Payment: Donation of any amount at the end of the event (to help cover rental costs)
Topic: As this is a trial AEC, topics will be set solely based on questions by the audience. Future AECs will have a broad topic.

Please register here. While it is optional to register, those who have registered will be given priority for the limited seats available. They will also be informed if there are any changes in the plans. [Note: Due to overwhelming demand, there may not be enough seats. Please register early and arrive early to ensure that you get a seat.]


If the AECs are successful, I intend to offer it on a semi-regular basis (perhaps once a month). I will also conduct unstructured workshops, which are like AECs except that they cater to a small group of people and focus on a single topic. I will work one-on-one with the participants (be they autistics or their loved ones) on the topics/issues of interest, which can include specific topics of interest chosen from the following areas:

  • Employment Planning (e.g. what skills to learn, what industry to enter)
  • Employment Attitude (e.g. how to behave at work, what values to inculcate)
  • Financial Planning (e.g. how to ensure sustainable living after caretakers pass on)
  • Financial Literacy (e.g. how to budget, how to invest)
  • Independent Living
  • Friendship/Companionship (non-romantic)
  • Marriage/Dating/Romance
  • Psychological Challenges (e.g. depression, anxiety, psychosis)
  • Attitude Challenges (e.g. stubborn, arrogant)
  • Uncovering/Developing Talents
  • Learning Challenges (e.g. getting bored easily during lessons, not keen to learn)
  • Meaning of Life (e.g. personal mastery, personal spirituality)
  • Self Advocacy (i.e. speaking out appropriately about one’s needs and opinions)
  • Autism Advocacy Work (i.e. speaking out on behalf of the autistic/autism community)
  • Sensory Challenges
  • Biomedical Challenges (including chronic fatigue, poor immune health)

I am looking for potential partners to jointly organise future events. Interested organisations, please feel free to send representatives to this event.