4 Inconvenient Truths, 8 Commitments, 4 Masteries

The 4 Inconvenient Truths:

1) I was unable to accept reality and sought to escape reality

2) The desire to escape creates a negative loop of frustration and escapism

3) To end this loop, I must embrace the world

4) To truly embrace the world, I must make the 8 Commitments


The 8 Commitments:

1) Maintain a Constructive Attitude: Accept problems with serenity, accept own shortcomings with grace, and accept disagreement with an open mind. [Thinking]

2) Leave our Comfort Zone: Renounce our desire to escape from this world, renounce our habit of hiding from this world, and start opening ourselves to exploring the world. [Feeling]

3) Be a Gift to Others: Express yourself such that you will help another person live their own version of the 8 Commitments. [Choosing]

4) Do what is Right: Know that we owe a duty to this world and to the people around us; give unto others what rightfully belongs to them. [Souling]

5) Make the World Better: Strive to improve the world through the way that we live. Shun easy money, avoid exploiting others, and leave situations that require us to hurt others needlessly. [Life]

6) Remember our Inner Struggle: Know that it is never easy to be human. Our struggle makes us who we truly are, because we define ourselves by what we choose to keep and what we choose to sacrifice. [Memory]

7) Pay Attention to Reality: Live in the real world with our real body and our real senses; know what it is like to be born on Planet Earth. [Body]

8) Strengthening our Human Aspects: We can use some techniques and exercises to strengthen our Memory, Souling, Thinking, Feeling, Choosing, Life, and Body. They will all eventually unify into a complete fulfilling experience.


If we live the 8 Commitments, we will inevitably master the 4 aspects of Life:

1) Mastery of Truth: How the world truly works, and how we can play a constructive role in it

2) Mastery of Meaning: Who we truly are, and how we fit into the Universe

3) Mastery of Goodness: How we can care for ourselves, our dependents and the world

4) Mastery of Beauty: How we can truly partake in the sensory, sensual and artistic enjoyment