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Do read Eric’s advocacy references, autism masterplan and join the local online autism community.


Advocates & Researchers

Wesley’s Autism Advocacy Blog – Probably the most active autistic autism advocate in Singapore

Uncommon Ambassadors – Featuring many autistic Singaporeans

Dr. Petunia Lee’s blog – she identifies as autistic and has children of her own

bunnyhopscotch – By autistic researcher cum artist Dr. Dawn Leong

Cynthia Toh’s review of autism events – Created Singaporean graduate with a passion in supporting those with special needs

Neurodiverse Inclusive Central ​E-Network (NICE) – This resource site includes inclusive services for all types of professionals

Research, news and all things related to autism – Blog of Dr. Penny Tok, who shares her discoveries and research work

Donavan Cheah – Cybersecurity Executive featured on Straits Times Work Talk Podcast

Parents & Family

All In Guide – Aims to be a one-stop platform where caregivers can find everything they need.

Anbudan Autism – Autism Awareness in English and Tamil

Autism Guardians for Life – Aims to bring together parents of autistic individuals in Singapore to find ways to help themselves as well as to advocate for services. It works towards answering the question foremost in parents’ mind: “What will happen to my child when I am no longer around?

Autism Needs You – An autism awareness campaign started by the sisters of Ashwin Gopala Krishnan, a 22 year old adult male autistic.

Come into my World / 进入我的世界 – Brenda Tan, parent of a child with autism (Calder) who has published a book with 31 true stories

Finding What’s Next – 9 families living with autism featured by Lim Hwee Hwee, Sun Meilan, and Bob Lee

Journey into the Autistic World – Choo Kah Ying, parent of a home schooled autistic child (Sebastian), shares her views and announces her plans

Live Till 100 Blog – William Tan’s blog about being the father of an autistic child

Mr Brown – Occasionally writes about his autistic daughter (search for keyword autism)

Ordinary stories in an extraordinary world – Aqilah Teo shares the story of his younger brother Jan, a twenty-year-old individual with autism.

We are special parents – On this blog, the mother of a child with autism hopes to share the materials she makes for her son, for other parents who may find them useful. At times, she will also share her views and reflections.