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I provide a full suite of services that can support most individuals and small businesses:

1) Computer/Phone Troubleshooting/Speedup: 20 years’ experience solving difficult computer issues that other technicians were unable to solve. I can support Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. I can usually get an old computer to go back to around 70% of the speed of when it was brand new.

2) Data Recovery: If it is not a hardware problem, the data can usually be partially recovered. I have worked on hard drives that other technicians gave up on. If the recovery cannot be done within an hour, it will likely require at least a few days to complete.

3) Computer Networking: I built my own super-fast wired network for my home use. I can get the wifi signal to go where it needs to for the best Zoom experience including adjusting the wifi frequency, changing the antenna angles and using multiple routers. There was even one client who engaged me to reduce the wifi radiation exposure for themselves due to health concerns.

4) Zoom Webinar Hosting: If you need help organising/running a webinar, I can host two at the same time from my home.

5) Events Photography (no-flash candid photos): I have done photography at various events such as birthday parties, competitions, pageants and weddings (as a backup photographer). My shooting style is to take hundreds of candid photos from many different angles and then delete a third of them for quality control. My photos are often preferred by clients over that of the official event photographer – one of my friends chose to feature a photos of his wedding as his Facebook profile picture.

6) Technical Writing: If you have something technically complex that you need to explain in simple terms. I have written and documented web services and programs as well as Standard Operating Procedures.

7) Copywriting & Ghostwriting: I have written articles and advertising copy before such as for my website. I have a roughly 75% success rate of getting the Straits Times to publish letters that I have written.

8) Online Advertising: I have managed Adwords, Bing and Facebook campaigns before. I can learn other platforms if needed. I can also work with Google Analytics. I had a client who was spending almost SGD$10,000 on Adwords advertising to people in irrelevant countries; I help slice the budget by two-thirds and set the advertisements to automatically adjust their bid prices three times a day based on competitor prices.

9) Computer Tutoring: If you need to learn or train people on how to use certain skills, I can help as the unofficial IT tech support in whichever place I work at.

10) Psychometric Design & Data Collection: I have over a decade of experience with psychometrics. I have designed and conducted surveys and assessments. I also have much experience with the various forms of data collection including conducting surveys and running assessment centres on Zoom.

11) Excel Template Programming/Automation: If you need some help to get Microsoft Excel to work – I have written both macro and formula driven templates to generate reports. This includes a formula-driven template that can validate and automatically fix any one missing digit in the NRIC.

12) Managing Websites: If you have a WordPress, Wix or other website you need someone to just manage (but not redesign).

13) Basic Repairs: If you need someone to change light bulbs and taps, I can help too.

14) Basic Chinese Translation: Feel free to check out the Chinese version of this website. I did the translation by myself.

15) Basic Graphics Design: I have done the design for my books, name cards, campaigns and artwork by myself.

Please refer to my service charges.