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Eric is one of Asia’s top international autism autistic advocates and has:

This website shows the depth and extent of Eric’s expertise and experiences with autism. It is Eric’s gift to the world for those who wish to understand more about the experience of autism.


As part of his strategic transformation, Eric is now a professional speaker who adds both practical as well as entertainment value for clients.

Organisations keen to engage Eric can expect to pay SGD$800 (for non-profits) and SGD$1,600 (for commercial businesses) for a one hour talk. This fee includes the time spent by Eric to prepare for the talk.

Eric has a Specialist Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology and a Post-Diploma Certificate in Counselling and Coaching. Eric believes that the best proof of his value comes from practical achievements rather than paper qualifications.


If your organisation is looking for autistic advocates to share their personal experiences, do visit the Whatsapp Autism Community Singapore to find interested speakers.

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