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I am Singapore’s first autistic autism advocate. I co-founded the Whatsapp Autism Community of Singapore (WACS), organised the Life After Death Autism Forum 2019, wrote three books about autism and shared about my autism experiences over a hundred times both in Singapore and Greater China.

I have a Specialist Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology and a Post-Diploma Certificate in Counselling and Coaching. I have also done extensive inner exploration on myself and found my way to experience lasting happiness. I am working on my autism leadership training programme which is being trialled out by the WACS administrators, with an upcoming book launch planned in September 2021.

You are welcome to read this iautistic website and join WACS to see how I handle the challenges of running a public chat network before deciding if you want to try my services.


Steve Jobs and Bill Gates do not need a university degree to create billion-dollar businesses. Likewise, artists can create great art and photographers can shoot great photos without any formal qualifications. A community leader does not need a formal training to create change. A mentor does not need formal certification to guide less experienced people. A coach does not need university degrees to guide people. The achievements and lived experience of these people speak for themselves.

NeuroTypical society has created a system of formal education where people can prove their competency. After undergoing an expensive and time-consuming standardised training and certification process, a small number of experts then charge high rates for their services, often beyond the means of those who truly need their services. Their systems are also not designed to support autistics’ needs – for example there is a strong emphasis on body language and social skills with most counselling training.

Meanwhile, autistics often cannot fit into the NeuroTypical system. Many of us are talented misfits who find it frustrating to deal with the politics required for success within the system, such as sucking up to difficult lecturers/teachers and appeasing demanding classmates/teammates. We are horrible at marketing ourselves so we often miss opportunities that our NeuroTypical peers can obtain. We find it frustrating to follow the prescribed learning path and want to learn at the pace and manner that fits us. Trying to force ourselves to conform with what we see as an inefficient and ineffective standardised system for the many years required to get formal qualifications is tough. Hence, many of us pick up useful skills and cultivate talents by ourselves without going through the expense and hassle of the formal educational system.

The mentoring and coaching services I am offering are not an imitation of the NeuroTypical services. I am offering something that only autistics can provide to other autistics: we work together as a team to serve the community pragmatically. This is an alternative paradigm that acknowledges our weaknesses as well as our strengths – and finds learning opportunities for us to coach each other through the mistakes we make. It is a movement to awaken autistics to our full potential and liberate us from the NeuroTypical-controlled system so that we are free to pursue our unique destinies of contributing meaningfully to Humanity.


It is only through being imperfect that we come close to perfection, through being humble that we come close to expertise, through being equal that can allow us to reach the heart. Let us welcome: leadership for the autistics, by the autistics, with the autistics.