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1) The hourly charge for all on-site services (i.e. where Eric must travel) is SGD$50 per hour, billed in 15 minutes increments.

2) The hourly charge for all remote services (i.e. where Eric can work from home) is SGD$40 per hour, billed in 15 minutes increments.

3) If the work location is inaccessible (e.g. requiring 15+ minutes of walking or 1+ hour of travel time on public transport), Eric may request for the sponsor to pay for engaging hail riding services.

4) A minimum of 2 hours per session is required if the session requires Eric to travel physically. This requirement may be waived for regular clients.

5) To avoid any misunderstanding, please discuss details of any budget limits and conditions before using the services. For instance, if there is a maximum budget per month.

6) Technical Handyman work can be done concurrently while Eric interacts with autistic clients. Eric can also do multiple pieces of work at the same time (e.g. repairing a computer while amending a website). There will be no extra charge when Eric does so.


Additional notes for the Autistic Buddy Mentoring Service (Level 1):

7) The first session will not be charged if either the client or sponsor does not wish to continue. Otherwise, Eric will work out the details on how to proceed including providing a report about areas for support/intervention.

8) Due to family constrains, Eric’s home is currently available for physical meetings.

9) It is best to meet directly at the desired destination as any travelling while accompanying the client is considered as part of the session.

10) Unavoidable expenses when Eric is accompanying the client is to be borne by the sponsor (e.g. admission ticket cost, having meals outside).

11) If the session requires vigorous exercise, Eric would like to ask for a quick shower and a change of clothes after the exercises are over.

12) A simple status report will be provided after each session (or ad-hoc after major changes have occurred) summarising the situation and progress made. Time spent on it is also part of the session time.

13) Please do clarify in advance what to do if the client behaves in an unexpected manner. For instance:

  • Is it acceptable to extend the session time when the client requests for it?
  • What do we do if the client keeps contacting me for social support outside working hours?
  • Is there a budget restriction on spending when I accompany the client on outings that I need to remind the client of?


Additional notes for the Autistic Peer Coaching Service (Level 2):

14) The client must already know Eric well as a friend (either naturally or through the buddy mentoring service) before they can be eligible for this service.

15) Self-referred clients are accepted. Eric is open to bartering other services (e.g. speech/voice coaching) in lieu of payment for those on a tight budget.

16) Additional details will be released in late 2021. Rates may differ as there may be a few different variations of this service.


Additional notes for the Technical Handyman Service:

17) Remote computer access is strongly preferred to on-site servicing whenever possible: the time spent waiting for automated tasks to complete will be waived.

18) It is best for the client to be available while the computer troubleshooting work is ongoing so that they can enter login passwords or assist with troubleshooting steps.

19) Whenever possible, laptops should be plugged into their chargers to avoid running low on power, which may lead to severe data corruption if a critical maintenance operation is in progress.

20) Regular clients on a budget can be supplied with publicly available tutorials to complete their requested technical tasks at no charge on a goodwill basis, to be performed at their own risk.

21) As data recovery of hard drives may take many days and end up with unexpected results, a flat fee will be charged instead of by the actual time taken if the attempt is successful. If Eric needs to travel to collect the hard drive, he will only ask for a reimbursement of the travel expenses if the recovery attempt is unsuccessful.

22) The charges for event photography will also include the time needed to process the photos. Please discuss your requirements before using this service (e.g. if you only want the raw photos straight from the camera or you want addditional design work to be done with the photos) to avoid misunderstandings.