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A peer coach uses lived experience to provide semi-structured leadership coaching for autistics ready to release their potential. Clients will receive a series of assignments to promote leadership qualities, where they may complete alone or as part of a small team with other autistic peers. The peer coach will assist them to complete the assignments while sharing his experiences and answers.

The peer coach can reach the autistic youth in a way that authority figures (such as caregivers and mental health professionals) are unable to. As a peer, a deeper and more authentic level of trust can develop that allows the peer coach to provide emotional support while exerting a positive influence.


Autistics who qualify for peer coaching must have established sufficient rapport (such as via prior buddy mentoring) and be ready to engage actively in changing their lives. While both mentoring and coaching can occur concurrently, mentoring can be gradually reduced over time to focus on coaching work. Just as with buddy mentoring, peer coaching can only proceed at the speed in which the client is willing or able to advance.

The coach will be in charge of setting the assignments, which will start with open-ended projects for self-development and end with meaningful community service where the client must work as a team with non-autistic people. As clients work to complete their assignments, the coach will provide tuition and emotional support on how to proceed.

The materials will be based on a comprehensive and autism-friendly framework that will be published in September 2021 in book form. The peer coach will adapt the materials depending on the learning needs of the clients. More details including on the pricing will be released after the publication of the new books.


Peer coaching does not aim to help clients hide autistic traits, make lots of friends and get high paying jobs. It is not about achieving a predefined set of goals but enabling the autistic to live a truly meaningful life: internalise the leadership qualities and create their unique way of experiencing lasting happiness without relying on external parties.

Autistics unable to fit into our society tend to be acutely aware of the meaninglessness of pursuing the fake happiness of material objects and social success. Unfortunately, they do not know how else to relate to the world other than fighting against it or escaping it. I am here to show them a third alternative – to be in the world but not of it, to fulfil our duties as well as our destinies, and to make a world a better place for all Humanity.

For additional details, please refer to the buddy mentoring service, qualifications as well as my service charges.