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Action For Autistics Masterplan (AFAM) – Eric’s vision and unconventional ideas for the autism community

NeuroDivergent Community Alliance (NDCA) – Eric’s proposal for creating a non-profit to support autistics with lower support needs

Whatsapp Autism Community Singapore – Singapore’s largest autism community WhatsApp network

Life after Death Autism Forum 2019

Thank you, everyone, for your support to have made this ground-breaking event possible. Without the 30+ volunteers and panellists, this forum could not have happened. The generosity of the participants has fully covered the costs of organising the event, showing that there is strong grassroots support for Inclusive Equality. I am also very grateful to...

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Money FM89.3 Interview: Life After Death Autism Forum 2019

Original Audio: https://omny.fm/shows/money-fm-893/life-after-death-autism-forum [Programme intro - deep male voice] Workday afternoon replay from Money FM 89.3 [Music play and fade out for voice] Coffee with Clarissa on Money FM 89.3 ====== C: Clarissa E: Eric Ϲhen ====== C: Good afternoon and welcome to Coffee with Clarissa the Life After Death Autism Forum is set to...

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