i autistic » Inner Peace » Prayer of Practicality

Inner Inspiration
Remind me of why I came into this life
So that I may pray with sincerity

<a moment of silence for reflection>

Inner Inspiration, lead me to practice my ideals
May I learn from those whom I dislike
May I appreciate criticism that insults me
May I learn the key to harmony from conflicts
May I demonstrate wisdom in times of error
May I remain clear when faced with my desires
May I honor this prayer when facing trouble
May I inspire those whom I find wanting
May I be wise enough to celebrate my suffering

Inner Inspiration, lead me to become your instrument
To comfort others through comforting myself
To understand others through understanding myself
To love others through loving myself
And to become the change that I seek

For it is by self-experience that one is touched
By self-forgiving that one is forgiven
By moving with the world that one moves the world
And by making history that one understands history

And so be it.

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