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I am unique in this world.
There is no one exactly like me.
Whatever I experience is mine to own.
My triumphs and successes are mine.
My failures and mistakes are mine.
What I think and feel is mine.
What I say and do is mine.
What I look and sound is mine.

I own my body, senses and life.
With all their beauty and ugliness.
I own my heart, emotions and desires.
With all their goodness and evilness.
I own my mind, thoughts and beliefs.
With all their truth and lies.
I own my soul, my dreams and hopes.
With all their meaning and worldliness.

I will inevitably make mistakes.
I will have to impose on others.
People will misunderstand me.
People will get upset with me.
People will reject me.
People will judge me.
People will leave me.
This is Life, and this is fine.

I am allowed to make mistakes.
I am allowed to impose on others.
Other people are allowed to misunderstand me.
Other people are allowed to get upset with me.
Other people are allowed to reject me.
Other people are allowed to judge me.
Other people are allowed to leave me.
This is Life, and I take it in stride.

When I own myself, I can know myself completely.
When I know myself, I can accept myself completely.
When I accept myself, I can choose to change myself.
I have the tools to change my world.
I have the tools to survive and succeed.
I allow myself to be happy and fulfilled.
I have came to Planet Earth to do what I have chosen to do.
I am me, I am fine, I am here now.

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