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Do note that with effect from July 2022, Eric will no longer accept any media interviews about autism.

– Rice Media: What You Should Know About Autism in Singapore (29 June 2022)

– HeartBeats Podcast Episode 2: What You Should Know About Autism in Singapore (27 August 2021)

– Channel News Asia: ‘I felt like an alien abandoned in this world’: An autistic man’s quest to be ‘human’ (30 May 2021)

    • I prefer to be described as “autistic” and “having low support needs” instead of “person with autism” and “high functioning”.
    • The breakthrough in Relational Meaning happened on the day of the Trump-Kim summit, 17 years after the diagnosis.
    • My difficulty perceiving my physical body and 3D space was automatically resolved in 2004 after I connected with emotions, a much earlier breakthrough than Relational Meaning.
    • My biggest concern with disability support is the fostering of dependency on support services by non-disabled professionals rather than self-reliance and personal mastery.
    • To clarify, I am not advocating denying our autistic traits or needs, but challenging ourselves to find sustainable ways to supersede our limitations. Much as a hard-of-hearing person can learn to lip read to facilitate conversations with non-disabled people, autistic people can find unconventional ways to plan their life and master the skills needed to pursue their dreams.
    • While I cannot speak on behalf of other autistics, I still have many decades left to disprove that autism is a lifelong disability to me.

– Today Paper: Non-profit submits proposals to Government to enable people with autism to get better workplace, housing support* (30 March 2020)

*Please read this to get the full context of the above article

Purple Parade Stories (October 2020)

Our Unique Stories: decision to organise the Life After Death Autism Forum (13 September 2019)

– FM 89.3 Interview about the Life After Death Autism Forum (28 August 2019): Audio | Transcript


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