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With effect from 2022, I will be focusing fully on my further studies and career development as an IT professional.


Due to this new commitment and new priorities in my life, I will no longer do the following:

A) Supporting non-strategic causes (e.g. “inclusion” and autism awareness)

B) Providing non-professional services for autistic people

C) Engaging in publicity work without adequate financial remuneration and reputational safeguards


However, I will continue to do the following:

1) Work of top strategic value (e.g. addressing policymakers on the Action For Autistics Masterplan or regulations to stop insurance discrimination)

2) Work when I am treated as a professional service provider and paid accordingly (i.e. rainbowhuman.com)

3) Work that I have previously committed to (e.g. supporting caregivers via the WACS community, mentoring selected autistic leaders, maintaining this website)

4) Work directly aligned with my career and personal goals


It is regrettable that Singapore is not ready for Inclusive Equality and may take a long time to truly accept autistic people. It is more effective for me to show by example what autistic people can do when they realise their full potential than to try to convince people directly.

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