i autistic » Autism Experienced » The Return

Struggling to stay afloat in the deep ocean
Avoiding the dangers of the world
Finding a way to escape
Exploring the human heart
Unlocking the mysteries of Humanity
Accepting my human life

Knowing my divinely inspired mission
Within evil, ugliness, fakery and emptiness
Find goodness, beauty, truth and meaning
Leaving the ocean of suffering alone
Returning to the real world to share
Waiting for Humanity’s awakening

The conflicted human heart
Longing for a miracle to happen
Yet denying the miracle when it happens
No one listens to those who still struggle
No one believes those who have emerged
Always stuck on telling their sad painful stories of woe

The inverted way of the Earthlings
Adding to excess, taking from deficiency
Helping the strong, ignoring the weak
Lending to the rich, evicting the poor
Judging external appearance, denying inner existence
Confusing real gold and fake silver

Let go of the conflicting heart
Leave behind the inverted way
Let go of self-imposed limitations
Read, comprehend, judge
True gold fears not the test of fire
Touching the truth will open insights

Within the darkness of hopelessness
The fire of hope comes to life
Opening the door to the future
Ending the pains and tribulations
Building the bridge between heaven and earth
Completing the masterpiece of Life