i autistic » Autism Experienced » A Stranger in a Strange Land

Although I have never known birth or death, I am now confined in a fragile body with a limited, unknown lifespan.

Although I used to stand above time and look in one glance all the countless eternities, I am now blind and moving along at a steady speed in a single direction without knowing where I am heading.

Although I existed unbound, I am now trapped in a space with only 3 possible types of directions and further bound by gravity.

Although I traveled anywhere with a thought, I now have to labor with my body through time and space.

Although I experienced everything as complete, I now come in contact with decay, disease and imperfection at every moment.

Although I have never experienced pain, I have now many ways to suffer via my physical body – physically, emotionally, mentally.

Although I have never known malice, I now experience their effects.

Although I neither demand or receive demands, demands now confront me all the time.

Although acceptance was never in doubt, I now experience rampant judgment and discrimination.

Give me a good reason why I should come to this wretched place, because if you can’t, I am going home.