Be the Real Autism Expert

Autistics are still not accepted as autism experts and not valued for their insights on par with autism therapists and parents. That is the reality today. What autistic advocates can do is to greatly increase the quality of their advocacy and their ability to create practical solutions. Then things will begin to change.

We should strive to demonstrate that we are better than the NeuroTypical experts, in terms of autism competencies. If we, who profess to know about autism better than the NeuroTypicals, can do what they can’t do to help other autistics, then that fact alone will speak for itself.

Take our advocacy work to the next level: be experts in practice, not on paper, to be taken seriously. We must do more than just giving talks, writing articles and sending messages on social media.

We do not have to ape the NeuroTypical experts to master Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), psychiatry or some other therapy system. We can instead choose to provide services such as life coaching, childhood education, adult skills training etc. Apply our expertise to fixing our own life problems. Use our experience to help other autistics in practical ways.