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There has been much disagreement within the community regarding autism. Much of this is unnecessary misunderstanding because people are  talking specifically about one of the seven different types of autism. It is important to be clear about which autism we are talking about.

1) Autism as a disorder: When autistics pose a danger to themselves or their caregivers due to violent or dangerous behaviours.

2) Autism as a burden: When autistics are dependent on caregivers and the community for support with no desire or ability to develop self-reliance.

3) Autism as a disability: When autistics are unable to do what most people can do, preventing them from pursuing employment, relationship and other life opportunities.

4) Autism as a (neutral) difference: When autistics behave differently from others in harmless ways, similar to what happens when entering a foreign culture.

5) Autism as an identity: When autistics are proud to be autistic and wish to connect with other peers to form mutually-supportive communities.

6) Autism as a gift: When autistics can do things that typical people are unable to do so such as incredible feats of mental, artistic or psychological achievement.

7) Autism as superhuman: When autistics are seen as more highly evolved, more spiritually connected, more morally pure or otherwise superior to most non-autistic people.