Ableist Mocktail: Autistics are unfit to work with NeuroTypicals?

If I am autistic, does that automatically mean that I cannot help NeuroTypicals develop themselves? If so, then why is it taken for granted that NeuroTypical experts can help autistics develop themselves?

A disgusting combination of Ableism and Mockery is being served to autistics. I became aware of it when an autism parent told me that the Singapore Government does not allow autistics to work with children. Autistics who want to pursue their childhood education dreams are not even allowed to sign up for the training course. I personally know an autistic Singaporean Ph.D. holder who has worked as a childhood teacher for 17 years without incident and an autistic Malaysian Ph.D. holder who works just fine with special needs children. Talk about legalized discrimination!

At a casual meeting in November 2018, an autism parent blurted out: “Your life coaching is only for autistics, why are you teaching it to NeuroTypicals?My life coaching work was based on the work of numerous NeuroTypical authors and teachers. I have worked successfully with over 50 NeuroTypicals to help resolve their inner pain. I have personally taught 5 NeuroTypicals on how to use my work, one of whom is actively practicing her version of my work in Taiwan. We still keep in touch occasionally to share notes and observations.

I do not see any reason why I am not qualified to work with NeuroTypicals. Unfortunately, when most NeuroTypicals become aware that I am autistic, they refuse to let me work with them even on a trial donation basis. Just like in my job interviews, I found that disclosure causes doors to slam shut automatically.

There is a need to remind all the people who attend inclusive events, patronize inclusive social enterprises, and support inclusive organizations – please walk the inclusive talk in your life. Don’t serve the Ableist Mocktail for dinner!