Eric went through mainstream schooling in an era where autism awareness was non-existent. Unable to understand human relationships, he was bullied and forced to conform to irrational social demands. Living in fear and anxiety in an uncertain world, he tried desperately to predict and prepare for all possible scenarios he might encounter. He wished deeply to depart this world of darkness and limitation.

Soon after his formal diagnosis explained his differences, he became Singapore’s first autistic autism advocate. While serving National Service, he volunteered to join a Personal Mastery Initiative where his Leadership Journey began. After reading books that explained the goodness, beauty, meaning, and truth of human existence, he decided to accept his human identity. He was soon inspired by a vision of a future where United Humanity travels freely among the stars.

Eric was determined to bridge the enormous gap between who he was and who he will become to fulfill this vision. He started by confronting his emotions and pain, becoming aware and then letting go of them. One day, the constant anxiety and fear went away as he suddenly developed 3D vision and the awareness of his physical body. That began his journey into the parallel universe of the NeuroTypicals where he began appreciating their hidden wisdom.


Eric chose to heed his calling and travelled alone to Macau, Hong Kong, and China to kick-start Chinese autism advocacy in 2006. After returning a year later to work due to family pressure, he kept a low profile in Singapore while continue to advocate in Greater China.

Eric re-emerged to break new ground by co-founding the WhatsApp Autism Community Singapore (WACS) in 2018 and organising the Life After Death Autism Forum 2019. Going beyond Unconditional Acceptance, he introduced the paradigm of Inclusive Equality and proposed ways to realise autistic potential.

Unfortunately, Singapore was far from ready to support and accept his work. Rather than wait decades for society to accept new paradigms and relationships, Eric chose to retire from autism work to focus on starting his family and advancing his IT career. He hopes that his articles can also help other autistics follow his path to realise their potential.


Eric relied mostly on himself to overcome the challenges he faced; he never used therapy, coaching, mental health and disability support services. He has proven that autism need not be a disability, and autistics can break out of the limitations of autism if they subscribe to the Small but Mighty Spirit inspired by the founding of modern Singapore.


Goodness, beauty, meaning, authenticity
My sword, armor, shield, allegiance
Armed with these four Divine gifts
From beyond the stars I have come forth
Journeying among illusions and limitations
Passing between light and shadow
I partake in the Ocean of Life
Towards the true purpose
Who I truly am
Who we all truly are