Why I choose to do Life Coaching

When I reached my teenage years, I wished for a deep and lasting relationship with someone who I can trust rather than authority figures who tried to dominate and control me. I wished to hear from a wise man who has experienced and overcame similar challenges as the ones I was facing, instead of my mother nagging me that I should meet mainstream society’s expectations. I wished to know how my ideas and creations can succeed, not why they are doomed to fail.

I wished to know that a world that is good, beautiful, meaningful and authentic rather than that the evil, ugly, meaningless, and fake world that I keep seeing everyday. I wished to be able to trust in the world around me, rather than being wary of danger and harassment around every corner. I wished to find my own little star of hope and meaning, not be told that I am destined to join a repulsive rat race with no hope of escape until I become into a frustrated old man.

Now that I have grown up, struggled and overcame, I am ready to help a new generation of young autistics. I will be their guide, showing them the way to advance towards their own little star, while confronting the practical issues of living on Planet Earth.

Most adult autistics have little options to obtain guidance except to see mental health workers and occupational therapists. These professionals, even if they are experienced and highly qualified, usually work with clients for an hour a week or lesser. They may not have the deep personal understanding of how each moment experienced by an autistic can be a struggle. To obtain deep and lasting changes, it is wise to invest in a quality life coach who has gone through similar life experiences before.