Autism Peace Summit

The leaders of the USA, the biggest and most successful power in the world, and North Korean, an isolated unpredictable nation that has repeatedly chosen stubborn defiance, made history by meeting in neutral Singapore for a peace summit in June 2018.

This is the inspiration for the Autism Peace Summit, an service which brings frustrated caretakers and angry autistics together to work out a win-win deal. In the 2 hour session, both parties take turns to speak freely about what their worries, dreams and beliefs.

As a neutral party versed in both sides of the autism divide, I will translate concepts and issues such that both sides can understand each other, and propose compromises that both sides can consider. In addition, I will also provide life coaching where appropriate.

The idea of mediation is not new, but most people who do such work are unfamiliar with how autistics reason, feel and choose. They will inevitably fall back onto their NeuroTypical mentality that makes it impossible to connect fully with autistics.