Advantages of Life Coaching

There are surprisingly few services for autistic adults today. Becoming an adult creates its own set of new challenges ranging from employment to romance, as well as lower tolerance for inappropriate behavior.

Many wealthy parents simply hide their autistic children at home. Less wealthy parents often push their children to work in any job just to earn some money. Both approaches undermine the development of autistic potential and create an unhappy life for autistics.

A life coach can help to transition autistics into adulthood and guide them throughout their lives to find a niche that fits them. Unlike parents who have accumulated much emotional baggage and mental health professionals who maintain a distant relationship, a life coach maintains a close personal relationship as a buddy who provides a positive influence and guidance including being part of the client’s personal and social life.

I can also help to ease tensions between autistics and their loved ones. NeuroTypical parents and their autistic children often have many different areas of disagreements and conflicts. Autistics often have difficulty advocating for their needs in a way acceptable to NeuroTypicals, while NeuroTypicals often could not express their viewpoints in a logical way that autistics can understand. Being able to see both perspectives, I can help craft a mutually agreeable, win-win solution.

Practical considerations such as finding good employment and living independently are a priority for most NeuroTypical parents, who are especially worried about what happens to their children after their own demise. However, their adult autistic children often take a frustratingly carefree attitude. I can help both parties convey their thinking, feelings and concerns with each other. Through this mutual understanding, both parties can eventually find ways to respect and honor each other.

Besieged by irrational social demands and beset with failure to fit in with others, autistic adults often find their lives painful and meaningless. This results in a lack of life motivation and a desire to escape from the world. The pain and loneliness feed on each other; it is not surprising that autistics are at high risk of committing suicide. I can help autistics explore their own dreams, passion and creativity, so that they can reconnect to meaning in life and fully open themselves to the world again.