5 Stages of Change

The process of change does not come easy for most people; autistics tend to find it even more challenging. It took me 14 years to pass through the 5 stages below, of which 11 years was spent on the first stage alone.

1) Dissatisfaction: The autistic discovers that he/she is not happy with his/her life situation.

2) Realization: The autistic realizes that change is possible, but is ambivalent about creating the change.

3) Wanting: The autistic wants to bring about changes to himself/herself, but is unsure how to create the change.

4) Assistance: The autistic actively seeks external resources and help to create the change. This is the time when I can be most helpful and effective.

5) Success: The autistic manages to launch himself/herself on a self-sustaining path towards becoming the change that he/she seeks to bring into the world.