What? Autism?

Still do not understand autism? Let me try another approach.


this is ET calling home

hello, is anyone out there?

i repeat, this is ET. please respond.


I lived on Earth, but I could not find Humanity.

Because of autism


Who am I? I don't know, but I don't want to be human.

Being human sucks. I can't clone and merge myself at will. I have to use speech instead of fibre optic cables. I have to waste time eating food instead of plugging myself into the electrical socket. This body is too slow, small, confining and limiting. It grows old and starts becoming breaking down. It sucks.

I don't understand what it is like to be human anyway. I don't have the human instincts. Emotions disturb me like flies. I do not feel the warmth and connection with other people. Relationships are but abstract theories. People are but annoyances. Culture is plain nonsense.

Yet I am expected to compromise, to stick with the rules of this world. It was all my fault that I was somehow different. Even after training hard to express myself, even after having spoken my mind, people still insist...

Dr. ET would have agreed

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