Autism Exploration Circle – 11 August 2018

Date: 11 August 2018 (Saturday)
Venue: Function Room 1, Bedok Residences, Bedok North Drive (next to MRT, see directions below)
Payment: Donation of any amount at the end of the event

The upcoming AEC will explore our school life and family relationships. That includes how we think, feel, choose and relate to these experiences. Both autistics and their loved ones are invited to share, explore and learn from each other.

Please bring a few pieces of A4 paper, your favorite coloring materials (e.g. color pencils or small crayons) and some tissue paper. Bear in mind that you have to complete your artwork within half an hour.

Participants should be prepared to confront and share their own inner challenges, as well as listen to challenges faced by other participants. Participants can choose to receive life coaching to work with their painful experiences, but it is also OK to simply share and just become aware of the experiences.

For the morning session (9am-11.30am): Participants will draw a picture to represent their school life (while they were of ages 7-14). Register here for the AM session.

For the afternoon session (12.30pm-3pm): Participants will draw a picture to represent their relationship with their own family members. Register here for the PM session.

After completing the drawing exercises, participants will form themselves into a small group of 3 people to introduce themselves and share about their experiences for half an hour. Whenever possible, we aim to have both autistics and Neurotypicals within each group.

After that, participants will leave their groups and will be given the chance to share with everyone about their own experiences, and receive life coaching if they desire.



By MRT: Go to Bedok MRT Exit B, walk towards McDonalds. Enter through the door on the left of Bedok Mall’s entrance. Mention to the security guard that you are going to the function room and sign the visitor registration book. Take the lift to go to Level 4.

By Car: Please park at level 4 carpark next to the function room. Aim to park in between block 28 and 30.