Autism Experiential Adventure

[Note: This is a draft outline that can be significantly revised later on. For discussion only.]

An experiential and interactive adventure crossing between the Autistic and NeuroTypical (NT) Parallel Universe. Go beyond the textbooks which define autism in terms of behaviors. Hear from and befriend adult autistics as well as NTs. Explore together what makes us different and what we have in common as human beings.

The intention of this is to help autistics and NTs accept each other, explore deeply what makes us human, and get in touch with the deeper meaning behind our ordinary lives. People of all backgrounds with an open mind and a willingness to step outside their comfort zone are welcome.

It is not enough to know with the mind. We will have to feel with our heart, experience with our body, and be inspired within our soul in order to complete our experience. I intend this to be a masterpiece performance, where we are all protagonists, to experience the miracle that we call Life and Being Human.


This 12-part course that will be held on for 4 hours each on Saturday afternoons. Each session will be a few weeks apart from the other. Different games and exercises will be created for each session to reflect the essence of each theme, based on my personal experiences.

01) Enslaved into limitation: experiencing time, space, physical body, physical senses

02) Hobbies are my playmates: come here beautiful knowledge, stay away nasty people

03) Alice in NT land: wondering alone in a far-away illusionary world

04) Easy vs. Right: taking a stand against decadence and injustice

05) Labelled Autistic: a change of identity

06) Taming Anonymous: making sense of the mystery known as ‘people’

07) The Hidden Dragon Awakens: feeling the power and might of Emotions

08) Putting Humpty-Dumpty together: entering the web of meaning

09) Falling out of love: why autistics drive their partners crazy, and vice-versa

10) The Nightmare of Growing up: Office politics and other grown-up annoyances

11) Seeing with the Heart: the secret sauce in NeuroTypical consciousness

12) Touching Meaning in Life: our relationship with Existence


As with all my events, this will be donation-based. The venue and timing are still not set. As I will have create and modify many different techniques and methods, this may take some time for me to get ready. I am also looking for a place to try out some of these concepts before the actual performance itself.