Autism Clubhouse

An Autism Clubhouse is a place where various donation-based/non-profit autism-related and life coaching activities can be organised. Examples include:

  • Public Autism Events (e.g. talks, networking sessions)
  • Workshops for the Autism/Autistic Community
  • Life Coaching Sessions
  • Study Groups to research on life coaching
  • Rehearsals for my own Workshops/Events
  • Hosting other autistics and their parents who need a space for their own small events


I am looking to obtain a place with the following outside of office hours* to set up an Autism Clubhouse:

  • A few hundred dollars per month rental or donation-sharing arrangement
  • Size >190sqft, ideally in a square shape
  • Having no furniture or furniture that can be moved quickly out of the way
  • Ideally accessible to the public (e.g. without key card access, strict security guards)
  • Ideally sensory-friendly for autistics (e.g. minimum noise, odors, distracting decor)
  • Ideally located within walking distance of an MRT station
  • Ideally comes with 30 fold-able chairs with a writing surface
  • Ideally having a computer projector or large TV set available
  • Ideally disability-friendly as it might host cross-disability events in the future


I have considered a few options and I believe that renting my own space at an affordable price has the following advantages:

  • I am free to experiment: Events will not have to be vetted; my lack of credentials or experience will not hinder me
  • I am free to schedule: Events will not be dependent on the schedules of my hosts
  • I don’t have to impose: Events can be organised by myself without bothering hosts
  • I can be neutral: I do not have to be associated with any organisation/group/religion/cause and vice-versa
  • I can support other autistics who also want to do something for the autism community


* After office hours means the following:

  • After 6pm on weekends
  • Public Holidays
  • Weekends (I can exclude Saturday mornings if necessary)