Most autistics are not keen to understand more about NeuroTypicals and vice-versa. However, some of us do want to know more about our counterparts on the other side of the autism spectrum. It is this group of people that I wish to bring together – to build bridges of empathy and break down walls of misunderstanding between each other.

Many bridging initiatives tend to focus heavily on social interaction, with little emphasis on self improvement or life coaching. As they are usually designed with minimal autistic input, they also tend to have a strong bias towards using NeuroTypical approaches.

I wish to find a good compromise that most of us are able to accept if we stretch themselves a bit. I also wish to expand the purpose of the activities to include understanding ourselves and living a meaningful, purpose-driven life.



I will try different format for my various activities. I wish to find out what works best, as well as to gain experience running different varieties of events. After successfully organising these events, I will have the credibility and experience to partner various organisations in the future to organise events with them.

In the future, I aim to work with participants (be they autistics or their loved ones) on various topics/issues of interest such as:

  • Employment Planning (e.g. what skills to learn, what industry to enter)
  • Employment Attitude (e.g. how to behave at work, what values to inculcate)
  • Financial Planning (e.g. how to ensure sustainable living after caretakers pass on)
  • Financial Literacy (e.g. how to budget, how to invest)
  • Independent Living
  • Friendship/Companionship (non-romantic)
  • Marriage/Dating/Romance
  • Psychological Challenges (e.g. depression, anxiety, psychosis)
  • Attitude Challenges (e.g. stubborn, arrogant)
  • Uncovering/Developing Talents
  • Learning Challenges (e.g. getting bored easily during lessons, not keen to learn)
  • Meaning of Life (e.g. personal mastery, personal spirituality)
  • Self Advocacy (i.e. speaking out appropriately about one’s needs and opinions)
  • Autism Advocacy Work (i.e. speaking out on behalf of the autistic/autism community)
  • Sensory Challenges
  • Biomedical Challenges (including chronic fatigue, poor immune health)

I am looking for potential partners to jointly organise future events. Interested organisations, please feel free to send representatives to this event. You can also join my announcement-only WhatsApp group to stay updated of the latest events by clicking here using your mobile phone.