Success Strategies for Autistics

Autistics think, feel and choose differently from NeuroTypicals. Trying to ‘cure’ autistics is just like trying to turn a cat into a dog. Autistics have different strategies for success, a number of which I have uncovered and am keen to share. Much like a cat trying to pretend to be a dog, trying to following NeuroTypical strategies will only lead to failure, resentment and hurt.

I am realising part of the true potential of the autistic consciousness, in a way distinctly different from NeuroTypicals. I live peacefully and meaningfully, feel comfortable in my body, express my emotions truthfully yet tactfully, as well as keep my thinking clear and directed. My life is simple since I don’t need the social stimulation, sensory enjoyment and emotional bonding that most NeuroTypicals require to feel whole and complete.

By sharing what works for me, I look forward to helping autistic adults live meaningfully and make the best out of their lives.