Funny Autistic Technician (Part 4)

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My friend is staging a performance and I volunteered to help build the stage equipment on a ridiculously small budget. Too late to regret my promises.

I started work a few weeks ago. In order to create the stage equipment, I salvaged spare parts and wires from all over my friend's home as well as mine.

Whenever I need some extra light to do my work, I turn to my special one-eyed assistant.

I wired up a LCD monitor, DVR, CD player, amplifier, multiple pinhole cameras, spare lead acid battery, DC inverter, circuit breakers, AC power outlets and almost everything that we need for a fully functional portable studio.

I have also designed a plug-and-play system of modular fluorescent lights. When not in used, they are housed in my mother's damaged shopping trolley.

This is the first prototype system before it went for its maiden trial run. I am not sure what the audience would think of it, but they are not paying for the tickets so they should not complain.

As a final touch, I also designed a system that will allow me to take a few hundred photos of the performance without running out of battery. After doing final adjustments to all the equipment, I am ready to go on stage.

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