Visiting my Friend (Part 3)

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The first thing I notice when I enter the apartment is a faulty air conditioner. It drips water into a pail of water every second, which splashes onto the floor. As the children in the apartment may slip and fall, I decided to solve the problem.

A roll of scotch tape from the study table does the trick. The water flows silently down the tape right into the pail. Problem solved.

As I look pretty smart, one of the kids start asked me for tips to scoring well in the 'O' level exams. I showed them my secret technique.

When one of the kids' tape recorder ran out of battery, I solved the problem with a spare PSU from my trolley bag. This is a spare component for the stage equipment I have constructed.

Needing to use the Internet, I go to my friend's study room and switch on her router. I repaired it a while ago with another spare PSU. These things are darn useful!

I discovered too late that the toilet was out of toilet paper. However, I have prepared myself with a toilet paper "grenade" in my pocket. This is one of my oldest inventions dating back to Primary school when I suffered from runny nose almost everyday. Once I finish my toilet business, I must fix up the stage equipment.

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