Going Out (Part 2)

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While taking out my bag, I accidentally overturn my box of computer parts. Now I will have to pack them back again.

I find a few diskettes among the mess. Although they are obsolete, I am keeping them in case I have to work on a computer that has cannot boot from a CD or USB thumbdrive. These diskettes have a "tail" to remind me to take them out of a computer after use.

I also find an old ATM card. Like all other important belongings, it has my contact details on it.

I am almost ready to go, but I check to ensure that I wear my sock arm band. It is my latest fashion statement.

The climate in Singapore is rather hot, so I pull my retractable fan out of my bag while waiting for the bus. Although it looks rather low tech, it works fine and helps save the environment too.

The construction workers are making a lot of noise drilling holes again. Since I am waiting for the bus, I cannot leave the scene. I deploy my secret weapon.

The 29dB earplugs stop most of the noise. They are also highly effective against crying babies, loud disco music and quarreling couples.

After the bus arrived. I needed a nap as I stayed up late the night before. It is time to use another special invention.

It is raining heavily as the bus approaches my destination. This is a nuisance as I am carrying a luggage bag with some computer equipment. However, I am prepared with a raincoat that I have prepared for such emergencies.

Not to worry about keeping myself dry - I have a recycled umbrella with its main mechanism waterproofed by a glob of blue tack. It is housed in a protective casing.

30 seconds later, my waterproof luggage bag is rolling off the bus stop and into the pouring rain. I am used to having people stare at me - are they expressing amazement or are they jealous of my creativity? Never mind about them - I have an appointment to catch.

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