Funny Autistic Back Home (Part 6)

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I arrive home with aches and constant yawning. However, that cannot stop me from checking my email and finishing some urgent work.

I put on my computer earphones and listen to some inspiring music.

I look at the computer screen with my special reading glasses. According to my theory, it should improve my eyesight.

Before going to sleep, my mother nagged me about hunching in front of the computer again. I quickly belt on an invention to correct for my back problem.

My Japanese keyboard, which I bought at a steeply discounted price, was not helping me to stay alert.

Finally, I decided to replace the old keyboard with a new ergonomic one I purchased on discount a week ago. I placed it onto the notebook holder that I constructed from the chassis of a PSU and it looks fine.

Unfortunately, the improvised notebook cooler started to leak. I switch off the computer, dry the table and change the plastic bag inside. Exhausted, I slumped onto my bed and slept. Good night.

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