Funny Autistic at Home (Part 1)

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Rise and shine. Magandang umaga. Selamat pagi. おはようございます. Time to get some work done even though it is Sunday. I never have a rest day unless I am ill.

Looking up to the ceiling, my wireless router is still working fine despite downloading gigabytes of files overnight. It has been modified with cardboard and aluminum foil to extend its range so that I can use my Internet connection at the void deck of my apartment block. The recycled CDs reflect the light from the LED's towards me so that I can check on it easily.

My trusty old server is also working fine, with the overnight disk defragmentation keeping it in tip top condition. The fans are making a lot of noise as usual, but family members have learnt to ignore the noise.

It is time to play some classical music. The CD player does not work but I have attached a portable CD player to it. It plays just fine.

I will have to close my main door now. If not, I will be spending 20 minutes talking to a few uninvited Christian guests who want me to join their church. In the darkened hall, I switch on my trusty wall mounted light. Using only 8W of energy, it helps to cut down on my electrical bill.

I have attached some toilet paper to the two fans above the server so that I will know if there is a wind current coming from them. The rubber band at the end of the toilet paper helps to prevent the breeze from the window from moving the toilet paper. My mother, however, is nagging that my latest invention is too ugly.

After finishing my yoga exercises, my mother has prepared me a delicious breakfast. I add my usual autism supplement to it. People usually dissolve the Epsom salt in a bathtub and then bath in the salty water, but I am on a tight budget.

The problem with drinking Epsom salts is that I must be careful only to take a little bit. Otherwise, I will develop diarrhea. That will waste my mother's effort at cooking for me.

The birds are flying through the kitchen window trying to steal the food. I take aim at them with my my laser - it is more fun than charging at them. After breakfast, I will be going out with more inventions.

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