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Quick Test - A 1995 study in England screened 16,000 children of 18 months using the questions below. 12 children failed all 3 test items. 10 were later diagnosed as autistic 2 years later.

Finger Pointing
  1. Does the child use his/her index finger to point to share interest in (but not to obtain) something?
  2. Does the child turn to look in the same direction as an adult is looking?
  3. Does the child pretend to make a cup of tea using a toy cup and teapot or to do other things?

When conducting tests, always consider the client's reaction as a child. Autistic syndromes develop in the early stages of childhood, not later in life.

DSM-IV Tests

The DSM-IV defines classical autism, Asperger's syndrome and other related disorders. These definitions are actually simple tests of the disorder they identify. However, many people find it difficult to understand the technical language of the DSM-IV. Hence, I have simplified the language in the tests below.

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More online tests / quizzes

AQ Test: Autism-Spectrum Quotient (a.k.a. the Geek Syndrome Test) - so far the most popular test for autistic traits in adults

RDOS Aspie Quiz - A long quiz with a nice graph. There is some controversy as to if the test is accurate.

PDD assessment scale/screening questionnaire - an experimental screening tool also based on the DSM-IV

You may also wish to read my article: "Why be labeled autistic?"

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