Autism Aspergers Articles

Introducing Autism Autistics are like tourists arriving in a foreign land. They are not used to the language, culture and systems...
What? Autism? A poetic introduction to autism
Autism Speaks How I was lost in time, space and the physical world
Autism's Emotional Hell Being autistic is not cool when you consider the emotional side effects


DIY Autism Therapy How I overcame 20 serious problems caused by my handicap
Dealing with Anxiety The 10 beliefs that have changed my life
Chronic Fatigue Coping Strategies Sleep, Stress, Exercise & Food can resolve this issue
Accept your Human Life Now Humanity, including autistics, are in a state of resistance and war...
Developing Inner Strength How to live meaningfully on this primitive & dangerous planet
Goal Setting More than just a social handicap, autism also affects decision making
Practical Living Creativity is not always a good thing
Beyond Cure Autism Autism is not just a set of problem behaviors. What about the quality of life of the autistic?
Autism Recovery Possible? If recovery is possible, what does a recovered autistic look like? Is high functioning autism a culture or a disorder?
One Giant Leap from Autism My plan to overcome the rest of my existing issues


How to win friends and influence people How to be true to yourself, yet maintain good relationships with others
Pretending to be Normal? Autistics are more than their skills, behaviors & diagnostic label
Romance Most autistics are probably not ready for romance. It takes much commitment and effort to make intimate relationships work.
Autistics For Forgiveness Forgiveness, not freedom, is what the autism community needs most
Facebook For Aspies Facebook is a social God-send, provided you know how to use it


Why does my autistic child hate me? How to work around the misunderstanding caused by autism's social handicaps
What not to give autistic children Autistics can easily develop obsessions to the wrong things
How to persuade autistics Don't argue with the truth or logic; let it speak for itself
Some parents also need therapy Over-zealous parenting can back-fire


The problem with schools Good academic results & peer integration are false Gods
Be labeled autistic or not? Take a pragmatic, not philosophical, approach
The Key to Story Writing An explanation of how to write realistic stories with living characters
Writing Mental Heuristics Learning flexible problem-solving skills is neccessary for survival in mainstream society

Growing Up

Insurance Discrimination Many insurance companies will not insure anyone with autism.
National Service High functioning autistics or Aspies may have to enlist in the Army.
Financial Planning How to survive - tips for parents and autistics
Job Search Keeping a job, not finding one, is the greater challenge
Making a Difference Having personal responsibility and a willingness to listen to advice is important
Autistic Justice: Alex Ong pushes old lady off bus A youth with autism generates a firestorm of social repulsion in Singapore

Note: "NeuroTypical" is autism community slang for "non-autistic"

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DIY Autism Therapy
One Giant Leap from Autism
Some parents also need therapy
Financial Planning
Story Writing & Creativity for Autistics
Using Facebook for Aspies