Autistic Acceptance: The Power of Now

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The 5-fold human being

There is a saying that war is not about who is right, but who is left. Today, the whole world is again at war: War against AIDS, World Poverty, Discrimination, Corruption, Terrorism etc. So, what if we win? What's left? Who will we become if we have no more wars to fight?

Likewise for the autistic.

In another article, I mentioned that people have ignored the autistics' potential and are narrowly defining autistics by their behavior, skills and diagnostic label. I also mentioned that the autistic consciousness is vastly different from NeuroTypical consciousness, but of course most people won't (bother to) understand this. The conclusion is obvious if you an autistic who has not yet adapted to this civilization.

We are at war. Against human society that keeps pushing us into unacceptable compromises. Against our mortal limitations that keep stopping us from accomplishing our goals. Against those people who refuse to accept or understand us. Against the onslaught of sensory and social intrusions. Against those idiotic parents and doctors trying to "cure" us. And it isn't fair because we are outnumbered and outgunned. We need to organize ourselves and fight back. Welcome to the Autism Liberation Movement.


I find it sad that like the rest of the world, many autistics are not taking responsibility for their own lives. Instead of confronting their present situation, they seek to escape into a static past or the future of salvation. Instead of accepting their mortality and limitations, they seek to deny these. Instead of working on their physical reality, they focus their efforts on virtual realities.

Because it is painful to submit to the limitations. Therefore, we escape them if possible, and fight them if we cannot escape.

Living in the body is painful: You become vulnerable to illnesses, physical pain, sensory noise and mortality. You are exposed to a potentially hostile world, alone by yourself.

Living in time is painful: You can't know the future and prepare for what is to come. Unlike in a game, you cannot erase your mistakes and start over again. Your focus is compressed into the narrow blinders of Now.

Exercising the will is painful: You must sacrifice what you did not choose for every choice you make; there is no way to choose everything all the time.

Bonding into relationships is painful: The choices of other people will change your destiny, and your choices will also change theirs. Alas, since you cannot control what other people behave, think and say, your life and destiny is uncertain.

Therefore, you resist your birth into the human world, and hold yourself back from fully participating in the human experience. Being born means that Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, Eternity and Perfection must die. That is too painful.

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Death is birth, and birth is death. That is the true meaning of the human experience. Humans are the guardians of birth and death, through which the conscious experience of Life as Life itself can arise. For Life is Change, and Change happens when old dies to allow the new to be born.

Are you willing to die so that you can be truly born? If so, then:

  • Understand that this world is an Illusion for you the artist to paint on
  • Painting the canvas is like writing on the beach, which will be gone with the next wave
  • Let go of all resistance, disgust and rejection
  • Accept that you have already entered into the Illusion, for there is no more turning back
  • Allow yourself to be born into the Illusion
  • Allow anything, any concept, any belief that stops you to die
  • Allow yourself to finish what you have came into Illusion to do
  • Go forth and paint in this world using your actions and words
  • And remember that the tip of the brush is right now, here, in your body

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