Autism Treatment

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): High functioning autistics, especially adults, have benefited from this mainstream therapy.
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Reflective Network Therapy (RNT): A network formed by the therapist, teacher, parents and fellow classmates reflect together with the autistic child on what has happened in the child's life. Therapy sessions are done in the classroom as part of the educational activities.
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Drama Therapy: Theatre activities can teach emotion recognition, emotion expression, non-verbal behaviors and gestures, listening skills, eye contact, conversation skills, strategies to handle social situations and several other critical social skills.
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Facilitated Communication: Autistic children learn to communicate by typing on a keyboard or pointing at letters, images or other symbols to represent messages. The facilitator may help with prompts or physical support to their hands. Note: There is considerable controversy as to whether the facilitator is subconsciously influencing or creating the communication (a.k.a. the ouija board effect).
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Disclaimer: Each child is different and may not benefit from the therapies above. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Before undergoing any treatments, please seek professional advice.

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