Autism Therapy Intervention

I classify the known approaches for autism intervention into six broad categories. Although autism professionals generally believe that there is no "cure" for autism, each therapy has its believers as well as skeptics whom may have extreme views on this subject.

I have not censored any of the treatment options since I do not want to introduce my personal biases. Thus, I advise readers to exercise conduct proper research and consult qualified professionals before trying any of these because some of them may cause harm to the child with autism.

In addition, I have not undergone any of these therapies and thus could not comment on their effects.


Neurological: change brain operations via the environment & senses

Medical: alter the biological systems within the body

Behavioral: create good behavior, stop bad behavior

Educational: integrate education & therapy together

Instinctive: develop the autistic's latent instincts

Introspective: use self-awareness to adapt to challenges

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