Looking at one's shadow

Autism Theories

To me, there are 2 methods to conduct research. The first is through rigorous experimentation and objective observations. The second is through personal experience and subjective reflection, which I used to find my own way to adapt to Planet Earth.

As I explore more about myself, I come up with new insights and better ways to explain my thoughts. I present this work in progress here.

Autism Myths

Sometimes, I do not agree with mainstream opinion and perspectives.

Other References

John Elder Robison underwent experimental transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in 2008 and has an experience quite similiar to my own. This confirms to me that a spontaneous, functional recovery from autism is possible. Read more about this development here and here.

Do also read up on Karla McLaren's perspective that people with autism have a lot of empathy, and that Dr. Temple Grandin is actually highly empathetic and has a very functioning Theory of Mind. Empaths on the Autism Spectrum part 1 and part 2 are available on her blog.

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