Story of an Adult Aspergers Autistic

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Born in Singapore, Eric was an odd boy who did not know what it was like to be human. Sleepwalking through life, he had no idea what feelings and human relationships are. Stuck in his private world, he did not understand the concept of communications and could only repeat what other people asked him.

When he became older, he spent most of his time collecting facts in order to understand the confusion surrounding him. He prided himself on being rational in an irrational world where he was frequently bullied and ostracized by everyone else.

After his formal diagnosis of autism in 2001, he was relieved to know of the reason for his differences. Yet his loneliness and disgust of being human remained: he continued to struggle day after day, living in a world devoid of meaning and joy.

He successfully graduated from the mainstream educational system to obtain a Diploma from a Polytechnic in Singapore. He was then reluctantly drafted into the Singapore Army just as he discovered spiritual philosophy, which opened his mind to the deeper purpose of human existence.

With the help of his forgiving colleagues and his exploration of emotional releasing techniques, he was able to reconnect with the human race and find meaning in his human life. A new dimension of emotions and social interaction opened up to him. Inspired to share his personal experience of autism with the world, he wrote “Mirror Mind”, “Autism & Self Improvement” and "Star Child on Earth" to unveil the mystery of autism.

Eric believes in giving back to the world. He created and shared his experiences in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Macau. He is working full-time in as an IT executive and aspires to help Humanity live meaningfully.

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