Autism Aspergers Services

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  • Giving talks about autism (for parents, teachers and social workers)
  • Mentoring for adult people with high-functioning autism / Aspergers
  • Developing awareness and educational materials for autism use
  • Consultation regarding non-therapy autism matters such as awareness campaigns

Eric is not a professional and does not provide assessment, diagnosis or treatment.

What's so special about Eric?

Adapted to Planet Earth: Through Personal Mastery, inner emotional work and observation, Eric is able to participate in the social life of non-autistics. He is in a unique position to translate the autistic and non-autistic world views so that both can relate to each other.

Original Thinking: Eric independently to developed his own explanations, insights and theories on autism. With this, he aims to expand and deepen the conventional understanding of autism.

Chinese: Eric is a Chinese of Asian origin, giving him a unique perspective. He can also share his experiences in Mandarin.


  • Self-published and designed autism books: Mirror Mind, Autism & Self Improvement, Star Child on Earth
  • Participated in the making of an autism documentary: i autistic
  • Created an autism campaign: Zong
  • Created website
  • Interviewed by 7 different publications (including newspapers)
  • Gave over 80 sharings (including talks & workshops) in 4 different countries

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