Star Trek 怪人走出自闭阴影
Star Trek eccentric leaves the shadow of autism

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Source: Friday Weekly (星期五周报), Issue 772 page 1213 (772期1213頁), 20 APR 07 (2007年4月20日)


24 year old Eric has autism. Previously, he compares himself to the Star Trek character "Data": He views himself as a computer stuck in a human body, alien to the varied emotions of human beings. Now, not only is he able to write his life experiences into a book, he also actively starts his advocacy work. Since then, he has went overseas to give talks and do volunteer work.

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補充 / Corrections

童年外号“怪人” / Childhood Nickname “Oddball”


It was certain members of my family who occasionally labeled me with this. My classmates had other more unpleasant nicknames for me.

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