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Thank you for your interest.

I have came a long way from being a quiet autistic child. Sharing my discoveries and experiences is one way I give back to society. Thank you and I hope to be able to share with you.

Overseas Speaking Fee:
Half Day (4 Hours): HKD$500 / RMB$500 / SGD$100
Full Day (8 Hours): HKD$1,000 / RMB$1,000 / SGD$200

Other than covering my transportation, accommodation and food, I usually ask for permission to sell my books. As I am working full-time and studying part-time, I rarely participate in overseas events nowadays.

Useful Tips to cover my costs

  • Help me promote and sell my book
  • Arrange fee-based workshops and private sharings for me
  • Create a support group where members pool money to pay for my expenses
  • Ask your own sponsors and members to help
  • Partner with a few organizations to split the cost
  • Enquire about (and take advantage of) my travel schedule
  • Provide overnight accommodation at a friend's home instead of a hotel
  • Provide own food instead of dining out

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