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Dedicated to the silently courageous among us:

  • The parents who spent sleepless nights
  • The teachers who went the extra mile
  • The friends & colleagues who believed
  • The autistic who strives to accept Humanity


Some people asked me if autistics will have a brighter future since the world is becoming more computerized and less interpersonal. Others asked if children with autism are the next step in Humanity's evolution. Yet to me, these questions do not matter much. I believe in a bright future where those working with autism have lost their jobs.

  1. Autism therapists will lose their jobs, when we develop a reliable way to help autistics develop independent thinking and take care of their own development. We will no longer see autism treatment as an bottomless financial black hole.

  2. Special needs teachers will lose their jobs when we implement an educational system capable of handling all kinds of children, including those currently labeled as "special needs children". We will no longer need the term "special education".

  3. Parents of children with autism will lose their jobs when these children grow up into independent adults who make useful contributions to society. We will no longer see parents worrying about what will happen to their autistic children when they die.

  4. Autism advocates and lobbyists will lose their jobs when we develop better systems that allow autistics contribute to society in their own unique way. We will no longer have a need to pass anti-discriminationary laws and conduct autism awareness activities.

However, everyone fears losing their jobs. When the doctor finds a cure to end all diseases, he will no longer be a doctor. When a missionary brings the entire world to permanent spiritual enlightenment, he will no longer be a missionary. When a charity worker finds a way to end world poverty, disease and war forever, she can no longer be do charity.

Because I am willing to make myself obsolete, I share my knowledge, insights and experiences with autism freely with the world on this webpage. May my sharings change the world!

Note: i autistic is not affiliated with any commercial, political or charitable enterprises. Eric maintains a neutral stance in autism politics and does not participate in adult autism advocacy groups.

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