i, autistic

Living as a stranger in a strange land, Eric found himself in a hostile environment where he was often bullied and forced to conform to irrational social demands. After reading about Asperger’s by accident on MSNBC, he sought a professional opinion and confirmed that he was autistic.

In 2003, he was inspired by some visions of the future to accept his human identity and work together with Humanity to create a better world. Eric then confronted his emotions and pain, slowly releasing them. One day, his constant anxiety and fear went away as he suddenly developed 3D vision and the awareness of his physical body. He soon connected with many newly uncovered emotions and instincts to discover the exotic world where most other people lived.

Excited to share about his new discoveries, he was shocked when people only wanted to know more about his childhood and school experiences instead. Eventually, he realized that one of his true passions was to distill his experiences and insights into practical methods that help people live wholesome inner and outer lives. This is especially important in this era where the human heart and soul are increasingly devalued in favor of materialistic logic and technology.

Using this website, Eric will share part of his journey and insights with the hope that it will inspire other people to appreciate the human condition, love each other and embrace the joy of living.

Goodness, beauty, meaning, authenticity
My sword, armor, shield, allegiance
Armed with these four Divine gifts
From beyond the stars I have come forth
Journeying among illusions and limitations
Passing between light and shadow
I partake in the Ocean of Life
Towards the true purpose
Who I truly am
Who we all truly are